Battery Check

Your vehicle battery is the only power source used for getting your vehicle started therefore a faulty battery can be a common main reason for breakdowns.

Signs of a deteriorating battery is when your engine struggles and/or starts up more slowly than usual. Some vehicles may even have a dashboard warning light indicating a weak battery signal.

If you have a concern about the battery health then we recommend you have the battery and charging system analysis soon.

Checking your battery health involves checking for corrosion on the terminals, as well as, the voltage output and the charging rate of the battery.

Questions and Answers

Why has my battery gone flat?

  • Weather – A car battery is 35% weaker on a cold icy frosty day which is why it's then you have a higher chance of being unable to start up your engine.
  • Human Error – We have all left the headlight or interior lights on, or not closing the boot properly can all possibly flatten a vehicle's battery overnight.
  • Driving Habits – If your vehicle mainly goes on a lot of small short trips then the battery may not catch up enough charge to recover the energy lost from starting up the engine initially. Lead-acid batteries also lose power gradually over time when not in use, so batteries in vehicles which are rarely driven will eventually end up going flat.
  • Old Battery – Old batteries do not hold as much charge as a brand new one. Lead-acid batteries last approximately 42 months therefore if a battery is older, be mindful that it is on borrowed time.

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